because hair is important ok!

December 7, 2009

I know long hair is versatile and it’s “sexier”, especially with nice curls.

But I don’t have time to curl it everyday, and when left straight, it’s messy, flat and heavy.

I’m in dire need of a change. And Sofia’s all set with the whole “Do it when you’re young” thing.

I want to cut my hair shoulder length, with side swept bangs. And maybe dye my hair darker.




I am aware of the whole it’ll take 10 years off thing, which will make me….12 years old.

At the risk of looking like a little Korean girl, I think it might look cute and neat… fuss in the morning.

Sighhh the problems in my life! Hehe.

Some help, dear lovely and brutally honest friends?

Yes? No? Maybe so?