charity concert

December 21, 2009

Sharifah Aini is a notorious Malaysian veteran diva, who has about 1200+ songs under her belt after being in the music industry for 40 years.

In conjunction with her 40th year in the industry, she has decided to do a series of mini concerts called Sharifah Aini & Friends, to help raise funds for tahfiz schools under Maahad Taffiz Darul Huffaz and also the WheelChair Tennis Malaysia organisation.


You can read more about her concerts here.

“Friends” here are Adibah Noor and Anuar Zain.


Adibah Noor is such a fantastic singer, with a fantastic sense of humour! She kept making jokes throughout the night and she really knows how to win the audience’s heart by coming down and stopping to take pictures at every single table in the ballroom! I’ve never seen an artist like that. Her voice is just oh my god and I really want to book her to sing at my wedding!!


Then, Anuar Zain came out and I’ve never seen girls gone wild like that. No one wanted to eat, they just wanted to stare at Anuar Zain. Everytime Anuar Zain moved, someone will go “WOOOOO!!! I love you!!”. Seriously, he’s like some male sex icon here in Malaysia! All the girls wanted a piece of him. I mean, I controlled myself. But then again, long hair on men isn’t my thing, so I wasn’t salivating or anything. He also came down to the audience, but had bodyguards with him everytime a girl came up to him. I’m guessing he’s been molested by fans before hehe.


Then, the main star of the night, Sharifah Aini came out and serenaded all of us with her best songs. The aunties at my table were so excited whenever her next song came. They kept looking at each other and went, “Eeee, she’s singing Bunga Tanjung!!” and the other will nod knowingly and clap excitedly.

Bunga whaaaa???

Clearly this isn’t my era.

But I have to admit her voice is so powerful and she had no pitching problems whatsoever. Well….I wouldn’t know la…even my nephew doesn’t want to hear me sing….so my standards are pretty low.

But since my mom and all the other aunties didn’t blink when looking at her, she’s pretty awesome I must say. And she had a face tighter than mine ok! At this point, I wouldn’t rule out Botox. :'(

The night finished at about 1.30 am!! Way past my bedtime. Such wild adults, these ones. Hehe.

The concert was concluded by a group performance by the 3 stars.



With Radzuan Radziwill, Malaysia’s top designer. The chiffon dress I wore here was made by him, actually. Of course his designs are usually jaw-droppingly detailed and gorgeous, but I wanted something sweet and simple. The lace trimmings had intricate beading works on the neckline and the layered sleeves. I was just so pleased with it.

Anyway, back to Sharifah Aini’s night.

I think it’s sooo nice that she’s raising funds for charity, especially to build schools. Islamic or not, tahfiz or not, a school is for people who are yearning for knowledge, for people who will become the leaders and professionals of our country. These people (we *ahem*) should be loved and taken care of.

As a Muslim, it is such a good deed to be able to strengthen our religion. What’s better than to develop Islamic schools? Sharifah Aini & Friends should be honoured and applauded for giving back, not just to Muslim children but also to the disabled (Wheelchair Tennis) in the country.

I only hope one day I will make it and I will never forget to do my part in giving back. To Muslims and to the rest of the country.