December 19, 2009

Dear Reader,

2 months ago, I wrote a thank you post to you when my blog reached 200,000 hits.

This month, my blog has reached over 300,000 hits.

In such a short time, this blog has grown exponentially.

So again, I just want to say thank you to you reading this.

And for those who are regulars, thank you thank you thank you for still sticking around.


P/S: I changed the name of this blog to just Proudduck. Because at this point of my life, Happy Go Lucky isn’t the way I lead my life; in fact, I have never been a big believer of it since young. When I picked it out, I just thought it rhymed with “Ducky” really well. Hehe. So now, it’s time for a more suitable title.

Love, PD.