December 16, 2009

It’s wedding season now for some reason. There’s a wedding every week! And I have a friend who’s excitedly planning her wedding now. So it’s pretty much lace and ribbon talk here.

I love going to weddings (free food helloooo), but I’m such a crybaby sometimes.

I can cry just watching the video montage of any couple (even if they are complete strangers to me *slaps forehead*)…because it’s always made so romantic and backed up by a really nice love song.

But I definitely need a tissue when the parents come on stage to deliver their speech. They’ll say how sad they are to lose a daughter but happy to gain a son bla bla….but you can so hear the sadness in their voices. And you’ll then see the sadness in my eyes.

OMG I’m so embarrassing to take anywhere ok.

When Toots’ sister, Azz, got married and Uncle said “Aku nikahkan kau….”, all I had to do was look at Uncle’s face and there comes the river of tears. Toots, her sisters and I are big crybabies when it comes to weddings. We were determined not to cry when Azz got married, but we were all making side bets to see who was going to cry first. And the thing about the sisters is that when one cries, the other will cry too. As if someone put them on automatic setting like that. It was hilarious! Like chain effect. So, when I cried teared first, Waa cried, then the other 2 sisters cried, then pretty much the rest of the room.

When my sister got married, it was Malay drama of the year with me ok. We held hands when the akad nikah happened, so when she squeezed my hand tight, there I went rolling away with the tears. When I heard my dad’s shaky voice, obviously devastated to give his first princess away, it felt like someone poked a knife through my heart. I wanted to run to the front and go “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Stop the ceremony!! No one is getting married today!!! Nothing to see here!! Party’s over..” But for fear of my sister becoming a spinster, I just wiped my tears and shut up.


My gorgeous sister squeezing my hand


My sister laughing at me while I wipe my tears


My eyes red, looking totally pissed off at my brother in law..Hahah. But I love you now!!


The tissue I was holding was for my sister, but she didn’t want it anymore after all my mascara marks on it




Hehe I have serious letting go issues!

Well, that’s life isn’t it? Part and parcel. We can delay as much as we want, but we all have to grow up one day.

But like it or not, things will never be the same again when your sister/daughter/friend gets married. The closeness will still remain, but it’s different. And it’s nobody’s fault! It’s just that she’s someone else’s now. She’ll go home with someone else now. And for a parent, especially, that is something quite hard to swallow. I’m especially close to my parents, so I can’t quite imagine how it will be like when it’s my turn to get married one day. I bet I will be crying the whole time. Probably won’t even bother hire a make-up artist because there’s just no point.

I went to a wedding last weekend. And the dad’s speech was so funny. At one point, he said, “When he asked me if he could take my daughter’s hand in marriage, I just said yes with one stipulation. That when he took her hands, he would also take away the hands that are always in my wallet.”

I thought that was so clever! Haha.

Anyway they played this one song during the wedding, and I just love it!! Apparently this song is so old already, but I’m so slow.