eyelashes 101

December 23, 2009

Have you seen a camel before?


Yeah…well we girls are aspiring to look like camels these days.

There’s this current obsession for longggg eyelashes. Like dolls. The longer the better, the thicker the better, the more curled the better.


“It just looks freaky!!” some of my guy friends say.

So I don’t know….why are we doing this ladies, if we’re just going to scare people away by batting our eyelashes? Hehe.


But I have to admit, long eyelashes really make the eyes look bigger and brighter. So, I’m all for it!

I’ve gathered a few ways of achieving this:

1. Eyelash extension

Basically, the lady will glue individual lashes onto your existing eyelashes. This will give the best results and every morning you’ll wake up feeling gorgeous. You’ll look into the mirror and go, “Good morning, Stunning!” Hahahah well Asma’ and Huda do anyway. 😛

I saw it at Urban Retreat in Harrods, but it was hundreds of pounds so I just forgot about it. But I just found out from those two that they offer it in salons here too…and it’s about RM 200.

eyelash extension

I told Dean about my intentions of wanting to do it.

“It’s so cool you know. You never have to wear mascara or eyeliner again! You won’t even have to worry about eye make-up for a while! But you have to sit for a few hours while they do it, you can’t rub your eyes, can’t scrub, can’t pull on your eyelids, you can’t wear eye shadow, you have to blink softly, you have to wash your face really gently in case you accidentally touch your eyelashes, you can’t go for facials in case the lady touches your eye area. The eyelash extension will last for a few months, and they’ll drop one by one, with your real eyelashes too.”

Dean was speechless. “So, you’re not going ahead with it, then?”

“What? Where’d you get that from? Of course I am! IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!”

I was talking to a friend about it, and my mom was in the background eavesdropping as usual. After I hung up, “Why would you want to alter what God gave you? You should be grateful you even have eyelashes, there’s no need to go through all this nonsense.” Oh dearrr….and there I had to endure an hour lecture about how we should be thankful that God made us as perfect as possible and how we shouldn’t alter God’s creations.

So, after thinking long and hard (and because I’m an adult who still respects my parents *angel face*), I decided not to do it. Plus, rubbing my eyes every morning is part of my waking up process. I’ll be such a grouch throughout the day if I can’t rub my eyes.

But I heard rave reviews about eyelash extensions, so if you’re interested go for it.

2. Fake eyelashes

I used to be one of those people who make fun of people with fake eyelashes. But now I get it. It looks amazing and some can look really natural no one can even tell you have fake ones on.

Fake eyelashes have the same concept of eyelash extensions; sticking eyelashes onto your real eyelashes. But instead of individual lashes, fake eyelashes come in strips for easier application (OK i say “Easy” with a pinch of salt).

I only wear it to really special occasions because it’s so much work to put it on, I can’t be bothered. And the whole night, I’ll be asking my sister or Toots whether or not it’s fallen off. Can you imagine eating soup and suddenly, “plop” there goes your fake eyelashes in the bowl.

If both sides fall off and no one noticed, then fine. But if just ONE side falls off, you’ll look…well weird really. Half camel half human.

And worse if they don’t completely fall off, but dangle halfway! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

That’s why I spend some time fixing the glue on properly and really carefully apply it. Then blink lots of times to make sure it’s stuck hard. Or…just get someone else to do it for you!


Trust me, I look even more constipated than this if I put it on myself

Of course the whole night you’ll get compliments on how nice your eyelashes are, but you won’t even be able to take it all in because you’re so sure it’s sticking out or something.

Sigh….but my shallow and vain side will tell you… it’s so worth it.

Shu Uemura is known for their Tokyo lash bar.


All sorts of eyelashes. Blue, green, peacock, ones with diamantes…I have no idea which freaks wear these kinds.

I normally go for the natural ones so as to not scare Opah away.


A pair is about RM 50. They have really good quality and they last forever, even after many many applications if you make sure to clean them a bit, and take off the glue bits stuck to it.

3. Eyelash curler

If you just can’t be bothered with all these explanations above (I totally understand you), then just settle for an eyelash curler.


Yes boys, these things you see your mother and girlfriend use…is for their eyelashes. It’s not some kitchen utensil, so don’t go putting it in the cultery drawer next to the spoons. It pisses us off.

This Shu Uemura eyelash curler (about RM 50 I think…I don’t remember..) is the best I have seen in the market. The effect is just amazing.

You should use it on clean eyelashes, before you put your mascara on.

First, curl at the root of your eyelashes. Clip them together in the opening of the eyelash curler for a few seconds. Try tugging them gently upwards too. Then move to the middle part of the eyelashes. Clip them again for a few seconds, also gently tugging upwards. Finally, move the opening or the curler to the tip of your eyelashes. Clip and tug gently for a few seconds.


You don’t want to remove the eyelash curler along with your eyelashes. Hehe. Bald eyes = Not pretty.


These are my real eyelashes after using just the Shu Uemura eyelash curler.

4. Au Naturel

Or, if all this talk is just making you roll your eyes (so you’re those kind of girls who could care less about their eyelashes hehehe), then just go au naturel.

Like my mother and grandmother.

But really, as ladies we should make some effort at least. Some coats of mascara wouldn’t hurt those pretty eyes of yours.