for the gazillionth time

December 26, 2009

OK I just have to get it out of my system because I’m squealing with excitement.


Weeeeeee *jumps*


OK, I’m done.

He meant it to be a surprise, but let’s face it…he can’t really hide 12 hours on the plane from me.

For my birthday, he sent me roses and a care kit of things he thought I’d miss from London.


  • Gossip magazines so that I keep myself updated on Peter and Katie’s divorce, and who Paris Hilton is dating this week. Yes, I’m sure these information will be useful to me ONE day.
  • DVDs of all the new episodes of the TV series he knows I love; Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Rules of Engagement. He had so much patience to download each one because he knows how the Malaysian internet is like.
  • A T-shirt that says “When I Grow Up, I Want To Graduate From Imperial.” -____- clearly he foresaw that T-shirt being my doormat. LSE rocks more ok.

When he told me he’s coming back, he said it was meant to be a birthday present for me.

SO SWEET RIGHT? I mean, he’s full of himself la obviously, but still very sweet.

So, when he arrived with all these stuff, I was over the moon.


Clothes, accessories, Apprentice box set, Buttercup cough syrup for Opah, 2010 Ordning & Reda diaries for my sister and I, my sister’s Chanel bag. Seriously, really trying to earn brownie points with my family here!

As if that wasn’t enough, he presented me with something else when we were on the way for an event.

“Oh no!! I left something!!”

“Huh? What? We’re late already.”

Then he digged for something from the backseat and smiled sheepishly, while handing me this.

For the gazillionth time, he said, “Happy Birthday.”



I honestly think my jaw would lock if I didn’t close my mouth when I finally did.

I mean, I know I should’ve been jumping up and down and thanking him endlessly, but after the bouquet of flowers, the lovely handwritten card, the care kit, him coming back, the stuff he brought back from London, the presents for my family, and now the Chanel necklace (which is what I secretly wanted for a longggg time and never told anyone, may I add)….I guess I was a bit overwhelmed. I was previously over the moon, now I’m over the…sun?

After it settled in, I was sooooooo happy and I’m pretty sure he understood that because I couldn’t stop talking about the necklace from home to the event, and from the event back home.

Seriously, where is this guy from?!!! How on earth does he get it right all the time?

Sigh, I’m such a lucky girl. Having the best, the most caring and loving parents ever, a wonderful sister, a close family, great friends and now a smart, honest, and an amazingly good guy who cares so much about me. What did I do to deserve all these people??

Anyway, thank you so much to Dean for making…ugh…nvm, I don’t need to publish it all here. Hehe.

*cough* myparentsreadmyblog *cough*

*Posie Tint blush*

I’ll stop now before all of you vomit. And my parents vomit blood heheh.

Speaking of necklaces, I bought Minz necklaces for my sister and I.



Don’t you just love the packaging?!


I don’t usually like name necklaces because they’re human dog tags, also kind of like self-advertisement (although it’s very handy when you forget someone’s name and her necklace is screaming her name). And plus I’ve spent all my life wearing name tags throughout primary and high school.

But I thought middle names are more subtle and classy, and it would be nice for my sister and I to have matching hers and hers. Plus, Minz was having a promotion, I’d be silly not to!

Adeline also surprised me with a birthday present! Thank you darling!



I’m not wearing a very suitable top here, but I was so excited when I got home, I just had to snap a picture of me wearing it. Love the sweet colour and the modern Victorian feel to it. And it’s so well done and detailed. Well, I wouldn’t expect any less from Minz anyway.