give a man a fish….

December 7, 2009

I’m sooo not an outdoorsy person. God knows my idea of sports marathon is to see who can sleep the longest.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t like nature.

Sometimes it’s nice to let the sun in.

Even in huge grasshopper sunglasses that cover half your face.


Don’t worry, I did get out of the car at some point.


My mom has a dragonfruit farm and we go there from time to time. She supplies them to us (her beloved family), free of charge of course, but she also sells them to supermarkets and hotels. As you know dragonfruits are soooo nutritious and it does wonders to your digestive system hahaha, but I’ll save the marketing lecture for another day.

The farm has now turned into somewhat a resort, where we all go to escape from the busy KL.


My mom planted all sorts of trees and fruits. There’s this one flower called Bunga Jejarum (Needle flower). When I was little, we had these flowers all over our house and I used to make necklaces and bracelets and rings out of them. And I’d make my nanny and driver wear them all day. Hehe.



Model: Little Nephew.




Boot and I saw rambutans being sold in London, and she went, “OMG Beek, lychee with hair!”

I just looked at her silly. “Boot, try rambutan.”

*slaps forehead*


A jackfruit that can be mistaken as a giant caterpillar.


I took this pic when the dragonfruits haven’t formed yet. But when the fruits have fully grown, the whole farm is pink. It’s sooo pretty.

Such breathtaking views.

When I see all this beauty all at once, I really appreciate what God has given us. God really is great.

Don’t you think it’s interesting that God gives us food to eat for free, but makes us think to plant these fruits or slaughter the animals and cook the meat first? It’s like saying “Hey, I love you guys, but it’s tough love. I won’t give you the fish, but I’ll teach you how to use the net.”

It’s as if telling us to work hard if we want the sweetness of life and ultimately to survive.