Guest Blogger 4 Intro

December 30, 2009

My next Guest Blogger is another woman in Dean’s life.

Dean and her have been best friends for yearssss since primary school until now, remaining close. They’ve been through a lot together and I enjoy listening to all the funny school adventures (makes me wonder about my choice actually….). They had it hard, though…I mean, their school uniform was yellow and green.

That must’ve been a very traumatizing thing to brave through, wearing to school everyday. Cringe. Thank God they had each other.

Anyway, Charlene Goh has become one of my good friends now, what with the love we both share for fashion. She became one of my even better friends when I found out she studies and now works in the US! Hehe. How she stays sane and not bankrupt with all the shopping malls in LA is still a mystery to me.

Oh, how I happily surfed Shopbop and Revolveclothing freely without worrying about customs tax. Because Charlene here is a sweetheart who posts it back for me. Gosh, the amount of love parcels I’ve received from her. And she is such a gem, she never ever complains!! After a while, I felt so indebted I stopped bombarding her house with boxes of things.

Now I just bombard her with messages of each other’s updates! She is also enduring a painful LDR with her boyfriend of 19 months, so we exchange shoulders and ears (ok that sounded better in my head).


Graduated in Business Administration and Finance from USC in California, Char is beauty with brains.  And as if that isn’t enough, she also is very passionate about the future of the world. She’s very big on being green (must’ve been something about their school uniform! Hehe)

My idea of being green is basically wearing a green top, having a blog that looks like a golf course and listening to Zainal Abidin’s Hijau song that is so soothing (oh and being in the Green house in high school…Seladang rocks…even though we lost). So for me to educate others on being green is a bit hypocritical.

So, that’s why I have asked Char to contribute to Proudduck and educate us on the basics of being green. She has so kindly agreed, so get ready to be green and save the world!!