karen millen fashion show december 09

December 9, 2009

I was invited to the Karen Millen fashion show at Gardens last weekend.







The collection were very Karen Millen-ish; simple cuts, not much fuss. This season, they used lots of chiffon, beadings, lace and sequins. But really, nothing out of the ordinary from the usual Karen Millen collections. You can spot a Karen Millen creation just by looking at it!

I’d say that Karen Millen is perfect for the working woman; stylish, but not over the top. The wearer will still look pretty and polished, but there is that “I mean business” feel to it, albeit softer. Then of course, a working woman has to do PR and work her way around in cocktail events and business dinners. That’s when you’ll need the infamous Karen Millen cocktail dresses; and all the sequins and embellishments come out and play.

So really, Karen Millen offers a complete wardrobe for the outgoing working woman. However, you need to be careful when selecting pieces. Some of them are really tacky, and some are just too simple to be worth hundreds of Ringgit.

I used to buy these Karen Millen dresses. I’d love to show pics of me wearing them at friends’ parties and events, but they’re too revealing to be published here! Hehe. I’d take pics of the dresses alone, but I’ve sold them all before I came back to KL. At a profit, may I add. 😉 No point keeping things you’ll never wear again.

I’ve stopped wearing strapless cocktail dresses, so I wasn’t planning on getting anything at the show.

But then a model came out wearing this.



I wanted to get out of my chair and run down to the store asap in case they run out of sizes. But Toots wouldn’t let me embarrass myself.

Patience is virtue after all, because I did get my hands on it. And got 15% discount too from the fashion show! Yayyy!

If you follow this blog, you’d know I’m a sucker for soft chiffon and jeweled beadings. So since this had both my favourite things, I just couldn’t resist. Love love loveee the crystals! I don’t usually wear grey, but this black on grey combination is just so on.