louboutin barbie

December 6, 2009

What do you get when Christian Louboutin meets a woman with a ridiculously disproportionate body who scientifically WILL die of a backache if she comes to life?

Well, a high-maintenance cat Barbie, of course!


This is the first Barbie to be launched by Christian Louboutin. There will be more to come next year; safari Barbie, showgirl Barbie and whatnot.

It retails at £100 at net-a-porter. I don’t actually know why I’d pay £100 for a 10″ doll I never play with anymore, who has just as many Loubies as I do. And I’m not sure if I’d let my future daughters know what Loubies are, in fear that demand little kid-sized scarlet stilettos as soon as they’d be able to walk. Spoiled little mini me’s.


If you’re an adult-cum-Barbie doll collector who splurges on all sorts of Barbie limited edition dolls (you freak), then you better get your hands on this one.

And if you’re a die-hard Loubies fan, this is the cheapest you’ll ever get for Loubies (historical moment!). Of course, they’re as big as a button, but you’ll get FOUR pairs of heels. Well, if you want to make yourself feel better (and less silly), you can count them individually as EIGHT heels.

You know, one for each toe or something.

If you have eight toes.