maksu’s favourite boy

December 18, 2009

I love my sister for a lot of reasons. But one big one is that she gave us Little Nephew and Little Niece, and made me a full-time aunt. Little Niece isn’t as attached to me because she’s still really little and I don’t see her as much, but Little Nephew and I have always been close .

We took Little Nephew to the hospital and he had to do that nebuliser thing. I guess it can be pretty scary to put something over your nose, not knowing what you’re inhaling. So naturally he wasn’t the quietest thing in the emergency room. In fact, he was soooooo loud screaming and saying “NOOOOOO!! I DON’T WANT I DON’T WANT I DON’T WANT!!!”, that other people were staring and some even told him to shut up. Poor boy.


My sister and I tried everything. Pinned him down with arms and legs clasped together. Sung him songs. Scolded him for being such a baby. Talked to him nicely.

In the end, we had to nebulise ourselves to demonstrate to him that it wasn’t painful and we were still happy and alive afterwards. My throat felt a lot better actually!



He cried so much even after he gave in. And it was so sad looking at his tears falling down like rain.

But after that, he was so happy and energetic that he ran around the room as if nothing ever happened. He smiled and said “Thank you” to all the nurses and the other patients waiting, as if he was some celebrity who just finished an act.

SIGH, he’s just so cute.

He sees me snapping pictures a lot. He’d always take my camera from me and when I take it back from him, he’d be so upset screaming and wailing. So in the end, he’ll settle for the camera cover! Haha. To be fair, it does look like a real camera.


So there he went, snapping away with an imaginary button. He would make everyone in the house pose, and would say, “Ready, Maksu? Smile! 1, 2, 3” and make a kissing sound which I’m guessing is a “click” for him.

After he’s “taken pictures” of everyone, he’d come back to me and say, “OK, again! Smile!!”

Super tiring ok.

But how can we not get along right, since he and I share the same view on credit card statements.

We both think they’re so unnecessary. Pftt.



He scribbled on them like nobody’s business. And of course, by the end of it, he himself becomes a human whiteboard with all the permanent marker marks that are super difficult to come off.


And most of all, he’s just so loving. Here’s a picture of him pushing Opah in her wheelchair, which I found so touching.


Of course he has his moments, but he really knows how to make me smile and want to put him in my pocket all the time. And that’s really something because I’m sooo not the maternal type. Well, not yet anyway. Hehe.