parents make the worst co-pilots

December 4, 2009

There’s a reason why you go to driving schools and some stranger teaches you how to reverse, park (side parking is a  *%$^*) and well…drive. Instead of your parents.

There’s a reason why God gave my family chauffeurs so that I don’t have to drive my parents.

Because OH MY GOD, they are so paranoid.

I have been driving for 5 years now, even passed my test on the first try, but they still think I’m a baby! Granted, I am a very fast driver due to my impatience, which worries the hell out of them. But I swear I’m very careful, always looking left and right and center and back and diagonal and all angles, all at the same time.

My mom has an imaginary brake in the passenger seat, because she keeps braking with her foot while saying “Eeeeeee….slow down!!” I need to get her a steering wheel too, so she feels like she’s driving hehe. (she also ducks her head down when we go into a tunnel, which I find terribly cute…but we’ll save that story for another day)

My dad, on the other hand, gets all stiff when I drive. I don’t drive him often, but had to send him somewhere the other day. It was so funny! I drove slowly because I knew what to expect, then he said “Why are you driving so slow?”

Then, I picked up speed. “SLOW DOWN!”

Then I slowed down. “Hurry up la.”

Then I picked up speed. “What are you rushing for?!”

I looked at the meter.

4O KM/H.


Even turtles were waving pass me.