quick update

December 13, 2009

I had the busiest weekend, I am sooo tired.

It wasn’t so much about my birthday, but a lot of events happened this weekend.

On my birthday eve, I had dinner with my family and that was super fun!

Then on Friday (my birthday), I had to work Pftttt… so I had birthday lunch with the colleagues, cut cake, basically did no work whatsoever because all of us were sugar high on Baskin Robbins cotton candy ice-cream cake.

Then after work, I went for a charity dinner. My parent’s close friends were supporters of the cause and were so sweet to invite us. The event finished at 1.30 am!!  And we zoomed home, I packed my things and got ready to sleep over at Toots’ place to celebrate my “birthday” together.

We talked and talked and talked, that we just couldn’t wake up the next morning in time for YCM event! Hahaah… I was so disappointed I missed the first half.

So, that Saturday morning, we both woke up, rushed like hell to go for the YCM event. But then we smelled roti canai in her kitchen, so you can guess what happened next.

We got to YCM just in time for….their lunch break.

Saw some familiar faces and new ones. Listened to one talk, and Toots and I embarrassingly stood up in front of everyone in the hall and dashed out through the nearest exit. Did no eye contact with anyone whatsoever.

Because we were late for….

My Little Nephew’s kindergarten concert. He was a poor boy in an Aladdin concert (actually he was just one of the choir back up singers….which totally failed because he kept going “HI MOMMY!!!!” on stage.) At first I was like OMG that’s my nephew he’s so cute….then after he embarrassed himself on stage, I was just like “Whose kid is thatttt???”

Then it was time for my birthday dinner with my girls.

I had a BLAST because as always, it was great to catch up with old friends. And the cakes were AMAZING!!! (I will post pics later).

A couple of friends slept over. Then at 7.30 am today, I dragged some friends for a birthday breakfast at Raju’s.

It was that early, because I had to go to Perak for a relative’s wedding.

We got lost because we weren’t familiar with the roads. So 4 hours in the car was painful, especially with an empty stomach and a full bladder. We got there in the end, dashed to the buffet, and left.

We got home at 6.30 pm. And I am dead tired. Hair everywhere because I slept on Mom’s lap in the car. Baju kurung crumpled like toilet paper. Make up smeared by oil and sweat.

Went to Opah’s room. She was eating fruits happily watching TV, and when she saw me, her mouth gaped open, fruit halfway in. “YOU WENT TO THE WEDDING AND REPRESENTED ME, LOOKING LIKE THAT?!!!!”


Now I have 10 minutes to get ready for ANOTHER wedding. And Mom is bising-ing. I better go.

Will update soon and post pics tonight!

Lots of love!