run for it

December 5, 2009

When it comes to practising good health, I wouldn’t be the first person to proudly raise my hand.

I don’t eat vegetables, I don’t drink enough water, I don’t have enough sleep, and worst of all, I don’t exercise.

My birthday’s in a week, so I thought my birthday resolution should be to take care of my health. (It feels so weird not to say my resolution is to get good grades, after so many years of formal education!)

Start facing my green-leaf fears, start filling my body with clear fluids and start sleeping early.

With regards to exercise, I know myself better than anyone. Gym membership receipts are just going to be pinned to the bulletin board next to a picture of some gorgeous supermodel for motivation. Soon, they will be covered by more important reminders likeΒ “Don’t forget meeting at 3pm!” orΒ “Buy shampoo!”

In London, I was lucky enough to live above a gym. For the first 3 years there, I never entered the gym, partly lazy and partly…ummm…ok fine, just plain lazy. Then I started being more body conscious but I knew the motivation to go to the gym would last for 30 minutes max.

So, I did the only thing left to do; hire a personal trainer.

He made an exercise regime for me, and even planned my everyday menu with complete food do’s and dont’s. It was really good, and I really liked his way of training me. He would call me to come down from my flat whenever I got lazy. And there are days when I wanted to cancel our session, but suddenly his name would appear on my phone calling me to remind me to bring my kickboxing gloves. It’s so freaky how his timing was spot on.

But two or three times a week of an hour session is really not enough if you want to see results quick. Also, I gradually saw him less and less when exams loomed near (and this also meant Pringle tubes accumulated in my kitchen). He wanted me to go to the gym every other day and work out by myself, but even he knew what a joke that was.

Ever since I’ve been back in KL (about 4 months now), I have been contemplating on joining a gym. But with my work schedule and traveling, and weekends spent with family and friends, I never got round to it.

But my body felt sluggish and heavy, and that was always bugging me in the back of my mind.

I was walking around with my mom and we decided to enter Fitness Concept in Ikano.


I had that body fat test, and what a jerk that machine was, judging me like that. It printed out a receipt telling me my body fat, my BMI bla bla, and told me I needed to lose 1.2 kg to be at my ideal level.

We just met! Pfftt.

I was not so shocked to see my weight is at its highest. “Erm, I’m wearing my heaviest jeans today. Probably weighs 5 kg by itself,” I told the salesman, really just trying to make myself feel better, not like he cares.

I weighed the possibility of joining a gym, and I knew I wouldn’t do justice to my money because I only had nights and weekends to work out. And the thought of driving to the gym and back, especially at night when it’s dark outside, discouraged me from forking out RM3K for a year membership. I also don’t like working out in front of people, stretching my limbs and bending over backwards for everyone to see (my trainer and I used to choose slots where less people used the gym) hence why I demanded a gym to be built in the new house.

So for now, I bought a treadmill, and it is now placed strategically in front of the TV.

I’m sooo happy with this new machine because I can just jump on the treadmill whenever I have some free time at home, and it doesn’t matter what I wear! I can even wear my pyjamas on it, and no one will care.

I don’t watch much TV, but thanks to my treadmill, I am now fully updated on the latest E! News. And somehow looking at the Hollywood beauties makes me run faster. Haha.

So far, I’d say this is a good investment! Wish me luck!