the tale of 2 sets of best friends

December 3, 2009

Once upon a time, there were 4 little girls. A, B, C and D.

A and B were best friends when they were 6 years old. They were the two shortest girls in the year, so that meant their friendship sparked at the front of the line during each assembly. Off they went, in their pigtails and high ponytails, running around the school and playing. They shared a brief friendship, because B’s parents cruelly took B out of the school and relocated to the UK.

A was devastated.

B too was devastated.

But they were too young to remember the details.

Years went on, and A met C. They hated each other because they were always competing to get the highest grade in school. It came to a point that it didn’t matter if they didn’t get no. 1. The crucial part was that they beat each other.

That hate slowly turned into love, and 11 years on, they have been inseparable best friends.

Meanwhile, B met D, and they too have their own story which made them become the best of friends.

Fate has a funny way of working because the two best friends were separated by distance.

There was a funny best friend switch; A and D were in London together, while B and C were in Melbourne.

D told A that her best friend, B knows of A. And D couldn’t wait to arrange a reunion when all of them were in the same country.

So, on one fateful day, after 16 years of lost friendship, A and B had their very own “Jejak Kasih” moment, witnessed by C and D (and many many other people, but that’s not the point).

From then on, the four of them; A, B, C and D embarked on a beautiful friendship.

And we all have D to thank.


D, A, C, B


Duo 1: A and C


Duo 2: B and D


The four of us finally; Alia, Me, Toots, Shura

OK, even I’m getting confused with all the As and Bs. Basically:

A: Me
B: Shura
C: Toots
D: Alia

Thank you, Safuraa for taking the pics 🙂