2 back, 2 go

January 4, 2010

2 of my girls are backkkk!!!

Boot from London and Toots also from London.

Got a text from Toots as soon as she arrived. “Back. Love you. Zzz.”

It was too early in the morning to reply her, and by the time I was up, I knew she’d be sleeping like a log.

Dean was on the phone with Toots. After he hung up, he turned to me and said, “Oh, she said something about there being a present for you, but it’s so nice that she’s keeping it for herself,” and carried on babbling about something less important.


I texted Toots right away.

Me: On the way to dinner. Will be over later to pick up my present. Don’t you dare go near it.

Toots: Sorry. Won’t be home today. Or tomorrow. Or the day after. Very busy bye.

Me: It’s ok. I don’t need you there. Just the present, thanks.

Toots: No one will be home. And even if they are, they won’t know where it is. Muahahah.

Me: It’s fine. I’ll just take whatever I feel should be my present.

I wonder if she’ll notice one car gone…

Anyway, life’s all about give and take.

2 come means 2 has to go.

Both these people are leaving to their respective lands tomorrow and I’M SO SAD!!

One of them is Shu.



And the other is…..


WAHHHHH!!!! :'(

Why do they bother coming back anyway, knowing that they’ll leave in a week!?! Such heartbreakers.

Just had a nice Sunday with Dean just chilling and watching The Apprentice. Mom made roast beef yummm.


Then we had a big dinner with his whole family at Chalet. I was forced to eat caviar for the first time. NOT COOL ok!! I had a tiny bite and wanted to puke so bad but Dean kept telling me it’s a gazillion ringgit and his parents were looking so I just gulped it down. I have no idea why it’s luxury food. It tastes so bad omg.



But the restaurant was really nice. They have live music and the musicians actually come up to each table to serenade you. You can request literally any song and they know it!!! They were amazing!! Next time, I should request a rap song just to see if they really can play anything! Hehe. And the food presentation is first class. The dry ice chocolate thingy at the end was especially cool.

It was a bittersweet day, because even though I was having fun, I kept thinking Dean was going back in a few hours 🙁

Oh well. It’s one of those things people have to go through to be stronger!

LDR Round 2. Bring it on. Pfftt