January 24, 2010

I never really paid any attention to construction and architecture. Glass panels, wood panels, sizes of windows, colour, curves, I mean, who the hell cares right? As long as it looks decent and it won’t fall apart, I’m happy.

But now, I find myself noticing things and making mental notes about what looks nice and what doesn’t, and what can cut cost and what is expensive and unnecessary in a building. Being in a construction company has opened my eyes a little bit to appreciate buildings and people who made them happen.

I passed by some apartment blocks in Westbourne Grove the other day. I used that road quite a lot before, but it’s only now that I noticed this quite bizarre-looking element.



I know next to nothing about architecture, but erm I think this looks a bit loony. Now, my architecture friends, what is up with this kind of design? Is it supposed to serve any function?