cekodok and plastic surgery

January 29, 2010


Had dinner with Als and Amira. Awesome night of just girly talk and fun. Future, career, men, fashion, even slipped in a conversation about pregnancy. Don’t know how that happened! Went back to Amira’s place (also holiday home to Malaysian designer Nana G…ahem saw some childhood pictures of her…thinking of selling them HAHAHA I KID)

Als and I were pampered with Amira’s banana fritters slash cekodok slash jemput-jemput pisang whatever you want to call it (we actually had a debate about what it’s really called). You know, the tiny balls of banana and flour and sugar. Heaven in your mouth, hell in your thighs.

I’ve never met someone more enthusiastic about cooking than Amira, our very own Nigella Lawson in the making. She even went to a grocery store AFTER dinner to buy bananas JUST to cook for us. And we JUST had a full-on dinner!!

If it were me, I’d just be like “Sorry no pisang at home. No sugar also. No food. Bye.” and I’ll come home to brown-almost-black bananas on my kitchen counter that I bought thinking that I would use them one day.

I really had the intention to help, but Amira looked like she had it under control….



…and she had Grazia…so umm…well.. wasn’t a tough choice, really. Never go out with me and bring a magazine and let it peek through your bag. I WILL ask you to lend it to me for a read and totally ignore you the rest of the dinner. I’m a magazine-junkie.



I mean, Heidi whats-her-name just had 10 SURGERIES IN ONE DAY!! Who doesn’t want to read that?!


I watched her interview on E! When asked what kind of message she’s trying to give girls, she said “That they can look beautiful too.” Setoopid, seriously. You don’t tell young girls to look beautiful through plastic surgery. You’re supposed to tell them to appreciate their beauty and let them decide when they’re 40, wrinkly and saggy.

She almost died from her procedures, and she’s still open to do more. The surgeon must’ve accidentally taken out some brain cells. She even wanted size H breasts because H stands for Heidi. OMG and you guys think I’M bimbotic.

I hate pain, so I’m too chicken for all this plastic surgery thing. Even if it was allowed in Islam, I would think 10 times to let a needle touch me. Meh, just find a husband who will love you for what you are….or more realistically, find a husband who is equally wrinkly and saggy so he can’t complain much.


Anyway, back to my night. I wasn’t the only “lazy” spectator. Als was also in the audience of the Amira Lawson show.

Such bliss, seriously. You go to work/uni/meetings. Then at night, when work takes the back seat, it’s so nice to just surround yourself with a couple of girlfriends and just pig out and play Buzz on PS3. That’s my idea of a modern working woman. But of course, then you’ll have to get married and pop out kids. So, might as well enjoy these single girlfriends session as much as you can now.


HAPPY 31ST ANNIVERSARY TO MOM AND DAD!!!!!!! 31 years…that’s looongggggg….