handbag oracle

January 7, 2010

I spent some time to do an Oracle for my bags.

OMG you can laugh right…but honestly, it saves so much of my time everyday!! I get to see thumbnails of all of my clothes laid out in front of me in one shot and I can just scroll down to choose which one I want and locate it in my closet which I have done to be colour-coordinated!

It’s so amazing! Every morning, with a towel on top of my head, I open my Oracle and just go “Nope, not this one. Nope, not this one either. Next. Next.” Like I’m screening models! Haha.

And when I’m at work and I have an event to go to at night, but no time to style myself or get something new, I just open my laptop and choose my outfit for the night! 2 minutes and I’ve got my outfit sorted!

I’m so anal but when it comes to clothes, I take pride in whatever I have! Haha.

So I took pictures of all my handbags and produced this.

oracle bag

It’s not like I need this. I mean, I don’t have hundreds of handbags until I can’t remember what I have! But I’m on a roll here. I’d do an inventory for nuts and bolts if you wanted me to! Hehe.

Speaking of bags, say hello to a new member of our family, Electric Blue.


Gorgeous, isn’t she?

It’s not mine. It’s my mom’s. But sort of mine also la. OK la. I think can la. It’s mine.


That’s the fun part about having girls in the family. You not only have one bag collection but multiply it by the number of girls in your house!