little einstein

January 27, 2010

I came home the last night and saw THIS outside my door.


A cake!! From my neighbour’s 4-year-old son.

He put both our names on the box with a few hearts on the side. How cute is that? I used to bump into him a lot in the lift and I’d get him cupcakes sometimes. He’s just so cute, the most intelligent 4 year old I’ve ever met honestly. His general knowledge is better than mine ok! Not that mine is great. Actually, anyone’s general knowledge is better than mine, so nothing to boast about la.

But seriously, GREAT kid.

I had lunch with him today and he has grown a lot chattier than I remembered. Had so much fun just listening to him babble about magic tricks and rainbows.

Him: Can you stay here in London longer?

Me: Do you want me to stay here forever?

Him: Well…not forever. Maybe just a little while.

Me: *laughs* I can’t. I have to go to work in Malaysia!

Him: But I have to show you my magic tricks!


So cute!

His mom told me that he’s been wanting a little sister or brother, and they had this weird conversation the other night.

Him: Mom, remember the wish I told you about? The one about me wanting a baby sister or brother?

Mom: Yeah…. *shifts uncomfortably, looking around in the restaurant*

Him: Well, I’ve been waiting for days and still no baby in the house!!

Mom: Oh…Hmmm…

Him: Have you spoken to Allah about it yet or not? *in an annoyed you-people-are-so-inefficient tone*


Kids are sooo smart these days, it’s unbelievable.

Soon, they’ll be doing this.


Even I don’t do this!!

Anyway, thought I’d leave you with something cute I saw today.


Am going to sleep now! Night night everyone.