london eye round 2

January 28, 2010


I went to the London Eye yesterday; took my mom and aunt there as it was their first time.

This was my 2nd time. The first time I went I was super nervous of getting so high up in the sky, being held up by only bars and urm steel or whatever it’s made out of.

london eye

london eye2

london eye3

I mean look at that?!! How can you not be nervous?? *cringe*

But whatever, since this was my 2nd time, I had to look macho in front of my mom and aunt. Put on my been-there-done-that-whatever face.

Even pointed out buildings as if I knew what they were. “Oh, that’s that famous thing everyone goes to. I forgot the name” when I haven’t a clue what it was. Could be your house for all I know.

london eye4

london eye5

When we got up there, I wasn’t actually that scared anymore. But halfway up, as we were at the peak of the Eye, I felt a familiar tingly feeling.


I had to pee.

Obviously there was no toilet, so I was left squirming around and pacing up and down the pod anxiously waiting for it to land on the ground again. The whole cycle was half an hour, so if you have to pee or puke or fart, you better tell your organs to just hold on a few minutes. Or better yet, get everything out BEFORE you start the ride.

My aunt was having so much fun in there. We took many pictures and she basically chat up the whole pod. She was extra-friendly mingling with other tourists, asking them where they’re from, what they do, where they’re going after this, what the ate for lunch, if they’re married, if they had kids, pets, or diseases…you know, small talk. Poor Spanish man went pale trying to look away from these friendly Malaysians. So, after we took pictures with ALL of the people in the pod, I practically had to pull my aunt away from them.


But we got to know this one elderly couple pretty well. They didn’t speak English, so it was pretty much sign language for the whole half hour. They’d say one thing, and we’d laugh. We’d say one thing, and they’d laugh. I asked “Where. You. From?”. They laughed. Umm yeahhh….

But when we landed, their family was waiting for them. So of course, we got to know them as well. Again, a whole lot of laughter there.

It was hilarious!

And look who I picked up on the pod.

london eye6

Oh, the only person who was being boring was MY MOTHER.

She was doing THIS the whole time. Total waste of our ยฃ20.

london eye7

She just discovered laptops last year. And has been on it 24-7. She’s kind of like the manager of this blog. Every single update on the Shoutmix or the comments box, she’d know. She’d call me in a middle of a meeting.

Mom: Can you talk?

Me: *whispers* No, Mom. Am in a meeting.

Mom: Oh….Did you know this person wrote this and that bla bla bla how could they say that??? bla bla bla I’m so angry bla bla bla who are they do you know them bla bla bla.

Me: OK, Mom I got to go.

Mom: But so terrible bla bla bla bla bla bla

Me: Right…love you Mom!! Bye.

So now she’s discovered my iPod touch. And of course, she’s on that 24-7 now. Playing Bejeweled and she made me pay for a Scrabble application as well. My blog is a little unmanaged now as you can see.

I miss my iPod now, so I need to get her one for herself!

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