london here i come again

January 14, 2010


This time, as a tourist. Not a student anymore.

Instant noodles. Check. Kicap masin. Check. Perencah adabi. Check. My maid’s rendang ayam. Check. An extra suitcase. Check.

Sigh just like old times.

Am reading the weather forecast in order to plan my outfits hehe. A lot of things don’t really go well with a puffy jacket and earmuffs 🙁

But I’m so grateful that my dad is giving me this “holiday”. It’s not really a holiday, since I’m going there partly for work. But I just received this email from Harrods.


I’m sure I’ll find time to pay respect to the green building. After all, it was my second home for 5 years. We had such great memories. So before and after meetings, maybe? Or why not just have the meeting in Harrods right? Chanel provides a couch and a coffee table.

Sigh, jokes aside, my dad is very tough on me at work but deep down he’s still a dad who wants to see his children happy. Thank you Daddy for this trip. He’s so sweet, he even extended my trip a little bit so I can relax and just enjoy my trip since he knows we both love traveling. I’m his kid, after all.

Plus, he’s sending me to Jakarta to be based there after this trip, so I better soak every minute of this trip because after that it’s just work, work, work. In an unfamiliar city, with a new set of colleagues, with no friends, no family, just me learning to be independent. For the second time in my life.

Am excited!!

Anyway, I was listening to this song and found it to be very fitting with this post.

I’m obviously referring to my relationship with Harrods.