mamee golden 8 sms contest

January 14, 2010


My friends think I just sit back, cross-legged at work, but seriously…

In between reading super long reports……


And super thick documents…..


Happy New Year  to me!

I practically have no time to even powder my nose *tragic

So when my friends ask me out for lunch….I can just send them a text saying “Sorry, got a date.”

Nooo, I’m not cheating on Dean.

I just have a date with….Mr Mamee!


Dean can sweep me off my feet with his endless food escapades at Michelin star restaurants, but really…there’s something about slurping Mamee noodles really loudly when no one’s looking. Sometimes, my sister and I have a contest to see who can slurp the longest. HAHAA. OK..moving on…

Fine dining can go down the drain when you’re swamped in the office, that’s why I’m so thankful to have colleagues who stock the pantry with dozens of Mamee instant noodles in so many different flavours that you spend 10 minutes just trying to decide.

“Are you OK?” my colleague will ask when I’m quiet for a few minutes.

“Huh? Oh yeah…I’m OK….just trying to decide Ayam or Tomyam.”


Then they’ll all be staring at the wall too, now thinking what flavour they want for lunch.

My Mamee noodles have followed me around the world, accompanying me late at night when I’m cramming for exams, being my TV buddy when E! News is on, filling my tummy in hotel rooms when I come back late from meetings, and now, being my lunch soulmate in the office when I have no time to go out for lunch.


I’m sure many of you understand the convenience and the yummy-ness of having Mamee instant noodles near you. That’s why I’d like to tell you about this contest they’re having.

In conjunction with Chinese New Year, Mamee is holding the

Golden 8 SMS contest.

Contest period is for 88 days from

3rd Jan 2010 to 31st March 2010.

I don’t get the obsession my Chinese friends have with the number 8. I mean, seriously, “FAT”?!! But hey, whatever, if it’s going to make me prosperous and fortune-ate, then “fat” it is!

OK so when you get your regular stocks of Mamee instant noodles, look inside first before you start pouring hot water!