meet zoey

January 4, 2010

The office was so quiet today. In fact, many offices were.

But the schools were fullllll. Not necessarily of students and pupils, but of their moms and dads and uncles and aunties and grandmothers and the whole shabam.

Everyone wanted to see their baby off to school.


But not for us in the office. Pfftt.

I was bored. I mean, sorry but I hate having nothing to do. Nothing much was getting done because every company we deal with was not in the mood to work, probably jealous that their colleagues with children could take leave. Hehe.

Everyone who answered the phone when I called or people who called in had this “Yes….? *insert company name here* May I help you….?” with this God-is-it-time-to-go-home-yet-I’m-slowly-dying tone.

It was hilarious.

I started googling companies and reading articles. Then went on to read a super thick tender document. That just put me to sleep, seriously. Kept yawning at the incessant repetitions of conditions in the contract.

Even called my CFO to tell her I miss her.

She was not amused.

Picture 5

OK, so I don’t have a kid. But I do know a little cute cat I could babysit! (which actually is hazardous to both of us because I am Scared of animals. With a capital S). Can I say I need to take a day off to send my boyfriend’s brother’s cat to ummm…the cat kindergarten?


Meet Zoey




Isn’t she so cute?!!

More so because she was asleep and wasn’t in the mood to scratch or bite or make me all nervous by running around and being…well, a cat, really.

I even shook her hand (paw whatever) and went “How do you do?” (oh btw when someone says that, you reply with a reciprocal “How do you do?” as well, not “I’m fine, thank you.” How do you do isn’t a question per se. Sorry, it’s just that people often make this mistake)

OK I digress.

Anyway, somehow the day came to an end. Tomorrow will be a little busier I hope!