memory lane

January 18, 2010

I am jetlagged. Awake at 5am with nothing to do. Thank God I have a blog.

Meetings only start tomorrow, so the weekend was just filled with sightseeing, eating and relaxing.


Royal Albert Hall, where the plays and concerts and theaters are held.

Also where our Sudirman and Siti Nurhaliza performed.



Prince Albert Memorial.

Queen Victoria commissioned for this statue of her husband when he died in 1861



Hyde Park.

So romantic, there’s nothing like it.


I walked all the way across Hyde Park to Bayswater.

Every Sunday, there’ll be artists selling their paintings along Bayswater Road.

I never buy any, but they’re nice to look at.

Then, I visited Malaysia Hall, where the Malaysian Student Department is.

This is also where the Muslim men go for their Friday prayers and is a popular spot during Hari Raya and other festivities in Malaysia.




This is the canteen located in the basement.

A bit dodgy to go down, but there are a lot of basement restaurants like this in London.


I never noticed this notice on the window; ONLY MALAYSIANS ALLOWED TO ENTER.

I understand it might be for security reasons, but I’m not sure if that projects an unfriendly image of us Malaysians or not.



The canteen is very popular among students due to the nice familiarity of Malaysian-ness and of course, the budget-friendly menu.

One of my very first stops was Mandarin Kitchen in Queensway. OMG the lobster noodle there is amazing, the best in London, according to my tastebuds. During my time in London, I used to frequent it all the time until my friends make fun of me. I foresee that happening a lot this trip too.



I never really missed London when I came back after graduation. I guess because I started work right away and I’m happy surrounded by family and friends in KL. But now that I’m here again, all the good memories are starting to flood into my brain and heart, and it feels so good to be back to the land that taught me a little bit of independence and confidence.

I am a true Malaysian at heart and I would not think of settling down anywhere else but Malaysia. But I’ve spent a quarter of my life in London, and I can’t dismiss it as one of my favourite places too. Here, I found a law degree, developed friendships, experienced freedom, made mistakes, laughed a lot, grew up. But most of all, this is the place I started my love story.