nyx make-up

January 26, 2010

I like make-up, but I only have one of each thing. One foundation, one blusher, one mascara etc. And I’ll use it until it finishes and get a new one.

But with things like eyeshadows, you can’t really have one colour only. And it can get quite expensive to buy one of each colour. Hence why I’m always on the lookout for eyeshadow palettes. (Yes, I splurge on bags and clothes, but I’m really kedekut when it comes to disposable things like make up)

I recently found this in Harrods and I was like a little girl in a candy store.


A LOT of colours right????

Well, it gets even better.



And it was only ยฃ24.99 for 100+ colours. It’s really pigmented and it lasts for hourssss! It’s the same quality as expensive make up brands, but for a fraction of the price.

So economical, I’m having so much fun with it.


It’s from NYX. Never heard of it? Yeah, me neither. Apparently famous in the US, but only starting to trickle its way to the UK.

I saw the tiny booth in Harrods on the 4th floor casual clothing section. And was attracted to their palette choices.



Eyeshadow and face palette


Lipstick palette


Complete make up set palette


Glitter eyeshadow palette


Eyeshadow palette for smokey eyes, green eyes, blue eyes and brown eyes


Fake eyelashes


Lip and eye pencils. Like in a stationery store!


They’re selling really well that the lady said they might get a section in the actual make-up department in Harrods.

If you boys (or girls) are rolling your eyes at this, you OBVIOUSLY haven’t read the make-up tutorial I wrote before this.