January 1, 2010

My new year is the same every year.

I’m in Paris underneath the Eiffel tower eating Laduree macaroons.

And then, I will take the Eurostar to London and shop with my delight at Harrods.

Then I will head to Greece to enjoy the beautiful scenery and sip mocktails by the beach.

I will then take the next flight to Las Vegas and watch all kinds of colourful shows.

Then, I will wake up from my sleep and have breakfast downstairs with my family, everyone chirping “Happy New Year!!!”

I hear a lot about these things called the fireworks that happen at midnight of New Year’s Eve. What is it, I ask around excitedly. Fire in the air??? Doesn’t anyone get burned?!!

OK I’m not funny. Even in 2010.


Basically, last night I had dinner with the family and we headed to one of my dad’s properties to watch the fireworks. I always miss the fireworks because I’ll end up falling asleep in front of everyone. I’m such a grandmother, I swear I’m worse than Opah!

But this time, I stayed up! We were high up so the view was just breathtaking. I can so imagine smiling every morning while getting ready for work if I lived here. You can never be in a bad mood if you live in such a beautiful place with a beautiful view. Maybe I’ll try convince Dad to ahemm let me rent this place at a please-daddy-I’m-your-youngest-daughter-I-will-love-you-forever discounted price! Haha.



The gorgeous view of KL Tower and Petronas Twin Towers

My new year’s resolutions are almost the same every year; be nice, be healthy, work hard. Yawn.

So this year, as an adult I’ve added a couple more challenges to myself.

  • Stop being a pushover. My loved ones know that they can get anything out of me, I’m always there and I can’t say no. I forgive people too easily and I’m always the first one to say sorry even if it’s not my fault! Haha. Sometimes, I’m taken for granted and I end up frustrated. So this year I’m going to have more respect for myself, be a little bit more selfish and ask myself what I want. This is the only way I can grow and really find myself as an individual.
  • Be tougher. I rarely stand up for my rights because I take things too lightly sometimes. If someone pisses me off, I will just need a couple of hours, I’ll be totally fine after that and that person will be let off just like that without any confrontation or some good telling off. Because I genuinely think it’s a small thing when everyone else is telling me “You’re crazy! I would be furious if someone did that to me!! Can you be a bit meaner please omggg?”. So from now on, I will be a little more authoritative without being rude. My dad keeps telling me to stand up for my rights because no one else will do it for me, and it’s time I toughen up to be a good leader in the future.
  • Start my own portfolio of investments. My dad is excellent at investment and his real estate bank is really impressive. I’d be stupid not to take advantage of his expertise. I’m so proud of him, and even prouder to carry his name as my last name.


My…ermm…mean face gone wrong.


That’s more like it! Hehe.

Like a reader commented to me recently, “Baby ducky steps, PD!” which I thought to be so cute.

I’m taking it one day at a time.