s for shoes

January 30, 2010


I’m going to miss so many of my friends here who are still studying or working now. It’s so weird to see the same person in high school, the same person who skipped class with you and sneaked in food in class, now being a career-savvy person. We’re all in our early 20s, all trying to figure out what we really want in our careers and chasing our dreams. We’re all so….grown-up, it’s so weird!

One of my many girlfriends I’m going to miss is Stella, the person who has been with me all throughout my years in uni. We’ve shared so much laughter and tears, and we’ve worked hard studying till wee hours together, rooting for each other when the other goes up on stage during graduation, we did it together. And it was all because of the fateful day during orientation when we were assigned the same tutor.

I’ve had so much with her during my trip to London.


Well….there WERE some yawn moments. Like when she wants to buy shoes. OMG she’s a shoe freak. She buys so many shoes and we cannot pass the shoe section without pausing every few steps. Mazzy and I were like this while Stell was deciding for half an hour whether or not to buy the boots.




I wished I had a game to play. Should’ve taken more advantage of thatΒ Big Freekin Sale I wrote about.


Could’ve played some games while waiting for her. Or better yet, actually finish watching a movie. With 50% off downloads, you can get games / movies / ringtones for half the price. And they have a Top 10 list of the most popular choices. You’d be surprised at how many people download things for their mobiles! I’m still new to this, so I have to ask people to do it for me. But the website is just so easy to navigate, so it’s no problem at all for beginners like me.

I love Guitar Hero PS3, but I really suck at it so I’m embarrassed to play it in front of people. Channel [X] has Guitar Hero Mobile!! Hahahaha I can just practise and trash my friends later. Originally RM7, now with the sale, it’s only RM3.50.

Well, too bad I didn’t download anything at the time. So I just sat there and gave supportive remarks like “No, don’t buy them” and “You have 2 pairs of boots exactly like those” and “I’m bored”.

I don’t know, I’m not really a shoe fan. One friend actually pointed out, “You’re so boring when it comes to shoes” and she’s right! 90% of my collection is either nude or black. I don’t know why!

So I don’t really get excited when it comes to shoes (as opposed to bags and clothes).

But even I looked twice when I saw this shoe!


Studs aren’t my thing, but I thought it looked so cool here on light denim. Any darker shade, it would’ve looked tacky. So, I thought this was just perfect. Normally, I won’t get stilettos that don’t have platforms, they hurt so much. This one isn’t an exception.

Oh and don’t worry about Stell. She bought the boots in the end. She says she’ll wear them everyday and everywhere. We’ll see about that.