sealed with love

January 25, 2010

LDRs can be tough for some couples. It takes effort to communicate and keep the other in the loop with what’s going on with your life. And it’s hard to show love and appreciation other than via phone calls and Skype.

So I guess we LDRians (haha sounds like a society) can learn a thing or two from my friend Boot and her other half; send unexpected personalised gifts to each other. She sent him a homemade scrap-page of them and he couldn’t stop grinning when he got it. So cute!







This unwrapping process took A WHILE because Henry appreciated the gift so much that he didn’t want to ruin the wrapper. OMG if I saw something with my name on it, I’d just rip it open. Hehe. Wrapping paper is lost money spent on me.

Anyway, this is for you Boot. I thought it’d be nice to document this moment so that you can see his face when he opens it. And you just gave us a tip on how to keep the spark alive. πŸ™‚