shopaholic in london

January 21, 2010

Most of you know my vice; shopping.

*puts forehead in hands*

Some of you love me for it, some hate me for it. Mehhh. I’ve studied hard all my life, gotten all A’s in exams, hardly gave my parents problems, now I’m working hard. So what if I buy a top or erm ten!

Naturally, one of my first stops here in London was Harrods!


Ooooh I’ve missed it so much. I really didn’t waste any time on the first day.



And neither did these ladies.


There’s a clearance sale going on, and shoes were just hung on racks according to sizes. It felt more like pasar malam than Harrods! Quite a battlefield when I went, but I managed to get a pair of shoes for Β£40 from Β£130!!

And lookie look at this new gem!!!


Drooolllll….Love this bag so much!! The colour is just amazing. I’m really starting to think that green is my favourite colour. I mean, just look at this blog!! And I didn’t even realise my green bangle and bag here.


Today I went to Oxford Street with a couple of girlfriends and as usual, had a very girly-laugh-at-everything time with them.


Felt really good to be with them again, and just like old times Stella and I walked all the way from Selfridges to the big Topshop (3 floors!), all the while complaining about our feet but still too stubborn to wear flats. We’re really not that smart, despite the law degree.


We talked and laughed and it really felt like I was back in uni and we were skipping class to go to Oxford Street. Really not something new to us. I can reveal this now since I’ve graduated! Heeee πŸ™‚ Tried on clothes, took silly pictures, made fun of ugly clothes, spoke in Malay when we don’t want people to understand us. It was fun.


In case you forgot where I am! Haha. The shirt is hilarious.

It’s undeniable that one of my favourite things to do in London is shop.

I just love the concept of open high streets of shops. Walking and shopping, breathing fresh air, stopping by a cafe and have coffee while you read or write or just people-watch, it’s just really nice and healthy. I really wish we had that open concept in Malaysia instead of just big standalone malls, but unfortunately because of our super hot and humid weather, it might not work as well as London. Or would it?