so hot

January 13, 2010

The mood in the office is happy and upbeat.

All because of this ridiculous yet catchy song.

I never post lyrics on my blog, but this one I just have to! The lyrics are unbelievably blond.

Wonder Girls – So Hot (English Translation)

The gazes that are always directed at me
The guys who constantly follow me
I should be used to it by now
Why am I still so nervous?

I want to live quietly
Like all the other girls
Why did my mom give birth to me like this?
My life is so tiring

I’m so hot
I’m so pretty
I’m so fine
I have so much Charisma
I’m so cool
I’m so awesome
I’m so so so hot hot

Everybody’s watching me
‘Cause I’m hot hot
Everybody’s wanting me
‘Cause I’m hot hot

All the time, everywhere
following me
this spotlight
Chasing me wherever I go
restaurant, street, cafe club
How much older do I have to get?

Why doesn’t this popularity cool down?
Sexy eyes Go Soo Young
My beautiful legs like Ha Ji Won
I can’t help it
I think everyone likes me oh no

Please leave me alone
All the boys be lovin’ me
Girls be hating me
They will never stop
‘Cause they know I’m so hot hot

Our intellectual levels have gone down a notch but we can’t help it because the song is so addictive!

And worse, we keep walking around doing our own things, while singing out loud, “I’m so hot hot. Nanananana. I’m so fine. Naananana.”

And then we turn around and see the male staff gawking at us. Probably thinking, “These girls are one kind….”