thirsty, baby?

January 9, 2010

I’ve been breaking out.

And I hateeee it.

I’ve been neglecting facials etc because I’ve been busy lazy. Plus I’ve been picking on the spots on my own. BIG MISTAKE.

I know some of us think it’s not a big deal to pop out zits by ourselves. But omg pls don’t. You’ll scar your skin for life. Even if we’re itching to just pop that ONE zit, just put down that magnifying glass, stop looking in the mirror and think about something else. Immediately book an appointment with your aesthetician and leave your face to the hands of the professionals.

I’ve certainly learned my lesson what with now having to deal with scars and tubs of foundation.

*cries blood*

Before it gets worse, I’ve decided to take action and give my facial lady a call. Forget Phillip Wain or all these expensive beauty centres! Back to my old school favourite lady who used to do my face everytime I come back from London.

One thing about her is that she’s tough. She may look all sweet and candy, but my god the woman is made of steel! She has the meanest fingers in the world and she will butcher all your spots with such hatred. I forgot how Nazi-like she was!

Come extraction time, I was dancing on the facial bed, swaying left and right, arms flying everywhere, toes wriggling, lips saying “Owwww” and “Oh my god…” and “Stopppp” and “I hate you” and all sorts of things.

But she kept pressing to extract all the nasty stuff on my face. At the same time, lecturing me about how I have been neglecting my skin and all her hard work previously had gone to waste. Bla bla bla.

Hello, I’m crying here!!!

I swear a tear fell.

But man…she’s good. She is wonderful. I like people like this. It’s not about the money or the time slot you’ve been given. She will make sure her job is done and your face is clean. Tough or not, she genuinely cares.

And because I’ve been with her for a longggg time, she knows my skin very well. She knows I bruise like a peach and the slightest pressure will swell my skin for a few hours.

So everytime I go for facial with her, she applies mask twice; one to cool down the redness and swelling after the terrible horrible extraction, and one to hydrate my skin like mad.


DRINK, SKIN, DRINK!!! Chug the moisture down like a whale. Mommy wants nice skin, thanks.

And after the mask, she will massage my head and shoulders. Because she probably feels guilty putting me through all the pain. When she massages me, I feel soooooo good that I forgive her completely.

And then she lets me sleep with the mask on.

Whenever my sister and I come for treatment, we have our own music. She plays the CD that my sister burned having all of our favourite songs in it. So speciallll ๐Ÿ™‚

So we always wake up feeling amazing after our facials.

OK, so here is the 101 on my skin.

Let me story you.

I don’t have enough sleep (I like to stay up and blog or read or watch something) and I don’t drink enough water (because I’m lazy to walk to the water dispenser at work every few minutes). So my skin gets dry. Because I don’t moisturise enough (because it makes me all shiny), my skin tries to produce its own moisture. Apparently it is very hardworking, because the oil glands produce TOO MUCH OIL. So these oil gets stuck inside and can’t get out. So it gets clogged up in my skin. Hence, spots and irritations.

End of the tragic story.

Grrr even my skin works too hard!!

*&^% oil glands.. who told you to overproduce?!

So anyway, now….I have to sleep earlier and drink more water. Sigh, I’ll be so thin walking up and down the office to refill my cup. Or I’ll just buy a water fountain and put it beside me next to my table.

Oh yeah, some tips:

  • If you wear make up everyday like me, remove your make up first and make sure you double cleanse. Cleanser does not equal make up remover. It’s not enough. Apparently. Pftt.
  • Never sleep with make up on, no matter how tired you are.
  • Don’t drink too much at night – this adds to eye bags. Drink a lot throughout the day.
  • Moisturising is important. I never realised that.