January 18, 2010

2 of Dean’s favourite things have the same initials.



Victoria’s Secret.


What are the odds right?

Every year, Victoria’s Secret has its annual fashion show and really, every girl should watch it.

Why not anyway, because every man watches it with delight. We might as well join in on the fun.

The models are infamously called Victoria’s Secret Angels and they are depicted as something like angels from heaven. Dean would really have no disputes about this. Every man wishes heaven will be adorned with women who look like Victoria’s Secret Angels. What will happen to the rest of us?! Well, hopefully we’ll be surrounded by men who look like Josh Duhamel.

But don’t only look at the angels.

I also like this fashion show because of its creativity in fashion. The lingerie is nice, but look at the bigger picture. The stuff they accessorise the lingerie with, the stuff they make the wings from, the embellishments, the waist decorators, the stuff they put on their hair. Heck, they even put balloons all over themselves. The stage is also really cool, and the backdrop is nothing ordinary. It’s really really creative and I think a lot of credit should be given to the creative directors.

Of course, also to the models. My God, how many hours of gym training they have to go through everyday?! I’d be happy with just half of the abs thanks.

Picture 11

Picture 7

Picture 8

The best body, in my opinion

She’s wearing a million dollar bra.

Picture 9

Chanel Iman; I think she’s sooo pretty.

I wouldn’t mind naming my daughter that. Chanel cos well…duh…and Iman cos it means faith in Islam.

Picture 5

Picture 10

The newest Angel who won the VS Angel Search 2009

Picture 16

Picture 14

I like Victoria’s Secret because it’s clever in the business sense. Started as just a lingerie retailer, they now expanded to womenwear and beauty products as well, making it billions of dollars richer. No wonder the founder killed himself after he sold off Victoria’s Secret.

I just find their marketing strategy so smart after they created the Angels. They use these women as faces of the products and it works because people like beauty and glamour. Their fashion show is something people look forward to and they really know how to throw a fashion show. Their branding strategy is just fantastic. I mean, you never hear other lingerie brands doing this, like La Senza Devils, or Bee Dees Cheerleaders or something hahah.

Of course, with all these, it’s no surprise that the Victoria Secret’s Angels are amongst the highest paid models in the world.


Some of you might be offended with this post. But really, what they want to do with their body is their problem with God.ย As long as we keep our bodies to ourselves and our husbands (for you married ones), we’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.

I see it as a good motivation for us ladies to hit the gym and keep healthy! Erm…I’ll start later…right after I finish this Pringles tube.