you’re fired

January 11, 2010

Despite my post about wanting to sleep early from now on to salvage my skin, I slept at 4 am last night (Not a smart move as it’s a working day today!).

Not because I was out partying the night away. That would be so out of character for me. And plus, these grills outside have laser zaps if I crossed them. Hehe.

I was actually watching The Apprentice (The US version).



They used to have contestants of normal working class background. Yeah ok, they were directors and owners of companies, but they were generally normal people. And it is soooo amazing to see how they sell such basic things like lemonade and ice-cream to big things like advertisements and auctions, in the most creative way possible.

I just watch it and shake my head in amazement. I mean, seriously, they just think out of the box! I learn so much from the tasks they do. In terms of teamwork, creativity and professionalism.



I especially loveeee the boardroom scenes, where everything is at stake and that’s where all the summation, defending and attacking happen. I remember going “What the hell is she on about?!! She’s not answering Donald Trump’s question, she’s going round and round avoiding the question,” and then fantasising about what I would say.

Obviously everything I would say would totally make more sense. Haha. Only because it’s easier to look at a situation as an outsider. Things are much clearer if no emotions are involved, and that is teaching me to think objectively and not emotionally, especially at work.

Of course, had I been in their chairs in the boardroom trying to defend myself and stay in the game, I would be sweating like a pig and saying all sorts of stupid things.


Now, they have Celebrity Apprentice, which is more dramatic and fun. A very smart move since ratings were declining for the Apprentice that featured non-celebrities. But at the same time, it’s also less relatable to business people because celebrities obviously have more contacts and more recognition, making it easier for them to sell things.

I think The Apprentice is such an amazing show, the Harvard of all reality shows. Forget The Hills and The City (I only watch them for the clothes)! Watch something that can benefit you in your career advancement, and for me, this is the show.

If they ever do a Malaysian Apprentice, OMG, that would be sooo interesting! I’d so join!! Er…I think.