February 23, 2010

Toots and I have been working hard and are full-fledge adults now. But we never actually took a moment to take it all in and congratulate each other on making it this far (i.e. actually passing the exams).

Since Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia are having unbelievable discounts and travel packages, Toots and I are discussing to take advantage of this. To celebrate the fact that we are wage-earners now. Also, her birthday is coming soon and I’d rather spend it on well…me. Whoops selfish side unleashed.

*Phone ringing incessantly while I was on the treadmill*

Caller: Toots

*Silence phone. Back to watching Giuliana & Bill on E!*

*Phone rings incessantly again*

Me: *panting* Hel….-

Toots: OMG so many travel packages we have to travel somewhere like we always wanted we always say we want but we never do omg langkawi for only 29 bucks i could so afford that right now let’s travel somewhere please please please i need a vacation just the two of us.

Me: -….lo?

Toots: Jom la!!! *more convincing talk… OK la didn’t take long to convince me*

Me: *getting excited* OMG, Langkawi sounds so nice! Oh wait…already going on a beach holiday with family soon. How about Penang? *also has a beach, I stupidly realised afterwards*

Toots: How about Jakarta?

Me: Oooooh!! Vietnam! I want to visit Angor Wat! That’s Vietnam right?

Toots: Angkor what? ..Oh, Thailand! Oh no wait, Macau?!!

Me: Yeah that’s a fun conversation to have with my parents…I heard Japan is niceeee.

Toots: Macau??????

Me: Wait, is that the same as Hong Kong?

Toots: Yeah think so. Shopping!!!

Me: OOOOOHHHH let’s go to Gold Coast?!

Toots: *gasp* FUNNNNN!!! What about Vegas?

*and the conversation went on and on and somehow the destinations got further and further away as we lose our senses to the excitement*

Me: Would it be weird to bring a photographer? I mean…who is going to take our pictures??

Toots: *hyperventilates* I LOVE that idea. OMG PLEASE LET’S DO THAT. EEEE!!!

Now, for those of you who don’t know Toots, she is a highly mature and sensible person. For her to hyperventilate, it must mean that she is desperate for a vacation. (Well so am I la actually. I just left the parts of me hyperventilating in the above conversation.)

I honestly think traveling exposes us to so much out of the shell we’re in. We learn new culture, new architecture, new food, new entertainment. At the same time, we also find similarities with foreign countries that make us realise at the end of the day that we’re really not that different, us humans. Especially when we’re young, we should open our eyes and travel the world, if we can afford it.

I was lucky to travel in Europe when I was in London, because it was cheaper from there. I didn’t travel as much as I wanted to because of studious demands and also (more so) a very very very concerned set of parents. Hehe. But it’s never too late! Might as well travel and learn with friends while we’re young, adventurous and relatively lacking responsibilities.

I love to travel, that’s one thing I believe that Saggitarians have in common.

But really, this time, I’m only doing it to make Toots happy. She wasn’t a very happy child growing up, you see.



I’m sorry. This picture cracks me up ALL THE TIME. She’s going to kill me, you guys know that right?

I’m just joking! She probably didn’t get 100% for a test, hence the face above.

But don’t worry, she was a happy child. Too happy, in fact. Just look at this picture below.