February 3, 2010

I woke up today and as usual, I checked my blog in the morning.

And got a nice surprise.

I’ve reached 400,000 hits!!!

This is ridiculous, it’s just too cool. Soon, I’ll get half a million. And that’s something crazy for me.

There are these regular commenters that really make my day and make me feel I’m doing something right by blogging.

Wherever you’re from, you have in some ways contributed to my love for blogging. So I thank you for visiting 🙂 Sometimes I don’t understand how I can write every single day, even with a full-time job. But I guess if you love something, you’ll somehow make time.

I’m having breakfast now. Made my own this morning. Toast with butter and sugar. Yummm. Totally burnt it, but can la. I’m late. Got a meeting in Putrajaya this morning. I am still a bit jetlagged and sleepy beyond words.