if you love me…..

February 11, 2010



My shoes are all over the place.

Outside, inside, in a corner in my room, in the boxes, in London, in KL, in Indonesia. And sometimes, I can find one side, but the other side will be metres away from it.

So, last weekend I spent a good hour sorting out my shoes. Started by laying out what I had so that I can see everything at once. I was shocked to see them all put together!



It was like a shoe sale. Anyone who passed by my living room did a double take and asked why I’m selling my shoes.

“Recession,” I tell them.

When I saw them all together, I could spot one odd pair already.


“Where did that come from?” I asked my maid. HAHAHAH. I only have ONE pair of sneakers I just realised. They still look brand new and apparently they’re not even real sports sneakers.

If you have time, you should really do all these spring cleaning and organising. No…. MAKE time, it really doesn’t take that long. Because it will surprise you to see everything at once, and you’ll have so much fun discovering more about yourself through, seeing how you evolved from what you bought 5 years ago and what you bought yesterday.



My maid (just look at her all stylo in leggings and heels): “How do you walk in these? I feel like I’m flying. I’m going to fall down.”

Plop, she fell.

“My shoes!!!” I rushed to see if they were broken.

My maid’s favourites: Black expensive heels. I always knew she had expensive taste.


My favourite pair: I wear these a lot, and I really think each girl should have a nude pair of shoes.


I found these. I have no idea why I bought these Zara wedges, I really don’t like them.


And then! I found my old school shoes!!! Awww it made me reminisce about my school days. It’s so funny how one pair of old shoes can bring back memories and make you feel happy thinking about them. That is why I can never throw away my school shoes. Umm…or any shoes actually.




They’re hideous aren’t they? My god, what was I thinking in school?

So I did the elimination process. Threw out the super torn and worn out shoes, and kept the ones that didn’t look like I rolled around in mud in.

Then, I cleaned each one of them. Feet are the dirtiest parts of our body and since we wear shoes all the time, can you imagine how much bacteria and all those nasty stuff rub on to them? We step on dust and whatnot, then we wear our shoes. We come back home, and clean our feet but our shoes are still dirty. Then we wear the shoes again and the disgusting stuff do nothing but accumulate. And what’s funny is that we don’t realise it because it’s umm, it’s the farthest from our eyes??

We think we’re clean? We should smell our shoes to see if we really are.

Anyway, after they were clean and nice-smelling, it was time to fill my shoe closet with my “new” shoes.

There was a problem though. Some of them were too high that they didn’t fit in the compartment!!!


I think these are my highest heels

After a lot of pushing and squeezing and reshuffling, and readjusting….



So organised now!! And I can be fair to all of them and actually rotate wearing different shoes. Instead of wearing the first pair of shoes I see lying around.

You guys should try this.


This is what happens when you’re in an LDR.


But the upside is that you’ll have a very nice and organised closet system. Haha.