girl’s best friend

February 26, 2010

Oh the power of jewelry.

I still don’t know if it’s spelled jewelry or jewellery, but who cares. Bottom line is, it’s awesome stuff.

How it becomes a family heirloom, how it brings mothers and daughters closer, how it makes a girl feel special, how it makes men sweat in nervousness.

I grew up loving handbags and clothes, so jewelry always took a back seat. But NOWWWW….oh how I’ve grown into a lady. A lady who likes loves them all. A lady whose dad is growing bald.

Jewelry doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, they just have to look good and complement outfits. I personally love jewelry with colour (emerald is my favourite), but I wouldn’t say no to diamonds if you want to present me with some.


No, these aren’t ours!! We were just admiring all these gorgeous jewelry.

Do you see my sister’s hand coincidentally resting on my mom’s lap at the bottom right? Yeah, that’s called suck-up.


Turquoise, the cheapest stone. Also my birthstone. -__-



The more the merrier, really.


I pretended that the earrings were stuck so I could keep them, but the lady saw right through me.

Can’t blame a girl for trying.

I was attracted to these black beaded pearl necklace, and found 3 ways to wear them.


Tied together into a knot


Hung loose, although I feel this look is a bit undone.


Tied as a headband, but I wouldn’t advise it because it’s heavy and will give you a headache.

See, 3 in 1!! It’s a bargain.

Get well soon, Daddy.

I think when a girl goes into her 20s, that’s when she starts to appreciate the beauty of jewelry as a symbol of elegance and class. And I can confirm to you that you’ve entered danger zone….for the rest of your life.

Because at any age after that, the love for jewelry doesn’t die.

Living proof: Opah can’t even eat her peanuts without wearing a strand of pearls.


A birthstone chart:


You lucky April babies!

Let’s start saving up, ladies!!