grammys 2010

February 10, 2010

A bit overdue! Hehe.

no beyonce

Beyonce in Stephane Rolland

Typical Beyonce. Mermaid dress check, boobicide check, stiff arm pose check. This dress is a bit weird, it’s masculine at the top but feminine at the bottom, making it quite confusing to gauge the overall theme. I think there’s too much going on in this dress. And it looks too heavy for her body.

no carrie

Carrie Underwood in Edition by Georges Chakra

The straps look so ill-fitting, like what is up with them? And the white dress….one boob is higher than the other…Love her hair though.

no ciara

Ciara in Givenchy

I really don’t know what to say about this dress. Futuristic??

no fergie

Fergie in Pucci

She looks like she’s wearing a snake. The tight and short dress is a bit hoochie mama for me.

no gaga

Lady Gaga in Armani Prive

Trust her to wow us with weird ideas. Although I wouldn’t go near this dress, I actually like it on her.

no heidi

Heidi Klum in Pucci

That’s a top.

no jennifer hudson

Jennifer Hudson in Victoria Beckham

Considering she just had a baby, she looks amazing!! I like the dress, but paired with bangs and an up-do, she looks a bit like a French maid (a pretty one, nonetheless).

And it sucks that she has to be compared to Blake Lively who has worn this dress before.

blake lively

no rihanna

Rihanna in Elie Saab

I love the bottom of this dress, but the top is just too full with those feathers (or something like it) so it’s a little goose-like. I’m sorry, Rihanna fans, but I can’t stand her hair.

no taylor

Taylor Swift in Kaufman Franco

I like Taylor Swift’s songs and she’s usually so good on the red carpet. But this dress…. I don’t like the square bit at the neckline. The bodice doesn’t fit well and lumps at the stomach area. Her boobs look like they’re at her waist. The dress is too long, it must’ve been hard to walk. All over glitter, really??? Too Mariah Carey for me.

yes pink


I like this dress! Quite weird to see it on Pink.

yes lea michele

Lea Michele in Romona Keveza

Can she do wrong, really? I’m not a big fan of feathers or one-shoulders, but this looks really nice on her.

yes keri hilson

Keri Hilson in Dolce & Gabbana

Love love love!! I do feel that the dress should’ve started higher up to cover a generous portion of her chest, but why do I feel that it was intended.

Overall, I couldn’t really find many dresses that I like. But I realise a lot of celebs are going for less popular but very talented designers, which is really cool to put their names on the map.

Which one is your favourite look?