keeping a food diary

February 9, 2010

My trainer once told me to keep a food diary for him. You know, write down everything that enters your mouth, even if a tiny ant got lost in there somehow. They do have some calories, I would think!

I did it, just to amuse him. And it was a joke that only lasted a few weeks before disappearing into thin air.


I cheated soooo much, that I could fit 5 days of food into one A4 paper. And I apparently only had proper meals and fruits for snacks. I mean, do I look like I chomp on an apple if I’m hungry?? Or celery sticks?!! No, my friend. I go straight for the potato chips and cheese rings.

After a couple of weeks studying my food diary, he was puzzled. How come my body fat count is still the same, regardless of my super healthy lie of a diet??

“Hmmm…I don’t get it either.” I answered avoiding eye contact, and worked hard to keep my mouth shut in case he could smell the red velvet cupcake I had not 2 minutes before our gym session.

I’m sure he was just being nice to play along, though. He couldn’t have been THAT thick!

I’ve been feeling slightly unhealthy lately, so I thought I would start the food diary again.

The real one.

The one that has Pringles and Keropok Lekor and Pavlova from Delicious.

After all, it’s for my eyes only.

Well….Here’s what it looked like….a typical working day:

  1. 8.30 am – two and a half plates of maid’s yummy kuey teow goreng. Yes, you read correctly. TWO AND A HALF. Not eating for the rest of the day.
  2. 10 am – one piece of kuih raya. Without the nut, so that’s a big reduction in calories no?
  3. 10.30 am – first huge mug of water
  4. 12 pm 12 11 7 pieces of keropok (in English, keropok means apples)….actually it might have been 5. I don’t know, don’t really remember.
  5. 2 pm – one slice of white bread with peanut butter spread….oh yummm…now I want another one.
  6. 2 pm – 2nd huge mug of water
  7. 3 pm – a few pieces of keropok….am putting the packet on someone else’s table now.
  8. 4 pm – a can of Yeo’s Lychee drink
  9. 6 pm – a can of Yeo’s Chrysanthemum drink….my office needs to stop stocking up all these liquid calories.
  10. 6.30 pm – one piece of kuih raya
  11. 7.30 pm – 5 pieces of cucur udang (English translation: celery sticks)
  12. 8 pm – leftover kuey teow goreng…because I was too tired to look for anything else.

My god….

I’m so unhealthy.

I hate food diaries. They tell so much about you. The whole truth revealed.

After I saw this list, I quickly gulped litres of water and ran on the treadmill for a good hour.

So I guess food diaries are quite good after all. To keep yourself in check. Because sometimes we just don’t realise what we put (or don’t put) in our mouths. There’s a study that people who keep food diaries are more likely to lose twice as much weight as those who don’t pick up a pen to write. (source)

Hopefully if I keep this up, I’ll be like this:


UPDATE: Day 2 – My food diary is empty. Not because I didn’t eat anything (in fact….), but because it got too tedious. Hehe. Keeping a food diary is hard! Day 3 will be a better day, I hope!