mimpikita sale extended!!

February 13, 2010


The Mimpikita sale today was such a success!!!

It was so fun and ladies kept coming and coming, until Nurul and Mira were just sitting down, tired and overwhelmed. With clothes selling as low as RM5, who wouldn’t want to take a look and rummage?

It was like a reunion in there because people who came started saying “OMG I KNOW YOU” to the other people who were there. Some old friendships were started again, and that made me realise what a small world we have.

Because it was such a success, Mimpikita is extending their sale till tomorrow (Sunday the 14th). So for those who couldn’t come today, there are MORE great pieces waiting for you tomorrow! Or for those who came today and are curious to see the newer collection tomorrow. Pre-loved designer clothes, shoes, accessories, and of course the original Mimpikita pieces yet to be worn by you!

Date: Sunday, 14th February

Venue: Mimpikita, 21, Jalan Telawi (yellow house opposite Pelita Nasi Kandar)

Time: 12 pm – 4 pm (so before or after your Valentine’s day lunch, drop by for some Valentine’s day presents!)


The gorgeous Mimpikita owners


Mimpikita and Proudduck


Mimpikita and Proudduck’s sister


Toots and Titts


My colleague came!!! Lapp youuu





The most fun part for me was that I played with the credit card machine! They let me do one transaction and it was so cool. I can foresee my future as an award-winning cashier.


What I don’t foresee is my award-winning future as a model. Tried doing the whole hair blowdry thing and I can safely close the book on that.


See you all tomorrow hopefully!