mrs monk

February 28, 2010

I loveeee chilled out weekends. A time to reconnect with family members and close friends.

I certainly had so much fun with my nephew and niece. Decided it was one of those days when I was just lazy to go anywhere, and I was feeling all kind-hearted to help my sister babysit.




I’m not very good with kids but when it comes to family, sighhh they can do anything and I’ll find it cute. Even if it means tackling me down to the floor and treating me like a Bouncy castle.

I even drank from their cup when they offered me some juice. And my family and close friends know that I NEVERRR do that. I hate sharing saliva with people. Sometimes, my family takes a bite out of my food or lick my straw just to tease my Mr. Monk-ness.

These 2 kids really brighten up my day and when they smile at me, any worries whatsoever just melt away and disappear. For that moment, nothing else and no one else matters except my family.

And then they start to poop and throw tantrums everywhere, that’s when I say bye-bye.

As usual, I reorganised my room.

I’m starting to think I have a sickness! I get bored of how things are arranged and have this itching urge to RE-arrange them. Seriously, I have the weirdest hobby in the world. And I got it from my momma! She cleans everything and anything. She keeps reminding me that a lady has to be clean on the outside and the inside as well, but I might’ve taken it too far.

I refolded my clothes and reorganised my closet according to colour.

I took out all the books from my bookshelf and filled them up with my favourite bags instead.

And what I’m happiest with is my toilet! I threw out all the empty bottles and the free samples I never use (and some other facial products that have suspiciously changed colour). I wish I took a “before” picture so that you can see what a mess it was!

Now everything is so pretty ๐Ÿ™‚