February 15, 2010

I swear I’m an old woman inside. Stella named a disease after me; OWS (Old Woman Syndrome) because in uni, I used to take naps in the afternoon, I used to say “This is so tiring” after walking a block or two and I used to prefer resting than clubbing. HAHA. I’m such a grandma omg.

Not much has changed really. I went to Enrich’s 10th anniversary party at Neo Lounge and my god, the moment I walked in, I was sure I’ll be walking out in 10 minutes. I like going to these parties to meet new people and mingle, but the music was sooooo blaring loud I had to SHOUT to Toots to ask if she was OK.

Toots: NO I’M BORED!!!!!

Me: THAT’S GOOD!!!!! *obviously didn’t hear what she said but just pretending to know*

Toots: WHAT?!!

Me: WHAT?!!!!!

Toots: WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!

Whenever we wanted to say something to each other, one would look at the other and just sigh with the Oh-forget-it-what’s-the-point? hand gesture. We might as well text each other throughout the night.

There were a couple of people I wanted to approach, but I really didn’t want the first impression to be HOW ARE YOU?!!!!!! like I’m mad at them.

Nobody was dancing, in fact people looked a bit spaced out, so Toots and I called it an early night.






But I was soooo in love with the beauty of this place. Especially at night, when everything was lit and there were candles and lanterns everywhere, it was such a breathtaking sight.

Toots and I were still hungry (monster eaters, us two) so it was like the light at the end of tunnel shining brightly when we saw a restaurant at the top of the stairs. It was my first time going to Tamarind Hill and the decor was really nice.


Food, not so much. Toots and I love Thai food, but we found the menu to be so sophisticated we couldn’t even find the normal Tom Yam Goong written anywhere. It was actually there right under our noses, but it was written so fancy that it didn’t even sound like Tom Yam.

We ordered a beef dish (grilled with black peppercorns…because it sounded the most normal…but really, how is that Thai?!!) and 2 steaks came. So weird.

Having said all that, the tom yam and the beef were cooked really well and they tasted really good.


They had this thing called Tom Yam Martini, where they put tom yam soup in a martini glass with crushed lemongrass on the rim. We decided to try it because it was so unusual. I should’ve known it was COLD since it was technically a drink. Cold tom yam??? Disgusting!!

Toots tried it though, and regretted it.


I don’t really have a sweet tooth, but Toots ordered the traditional Thai sticky mango thingy dessert. And black sticky rice came.


To be fair, it did say “Contemporary Thai cuisine”, it’s just that Toots and I definitely have more conservative tongues. So if you’re adventurous and can appreciate new-style luxury dishes, you should definitely come to this restaurant. Definitely worth the sight. Fantastic ambience.


Thanks to you guys, I have a 4 day weekend. To just rest. Bliss.