February 5, 2010

I went home from work and wanted to take a quick nap because I was jet-lagged and tired.  Then I realised I had left a couple of things in the office. I called one of the staff to have him bring them home to me.

After hanging up, I was a bit puzzled. Called the guy back. “What are you still doing in the office? It’s so late already.”

“They’re finishing up compiling all the tender documents. The deadline is tomorrow morning.”


No one had informed me.

I had a birthday dinner to go to, but I felt that I should be there in the office. So I quickly showered and  dressed for dinner, planning to go straight from the office.

I helped them with the compilation and photocopying and whatnot. Then I had to go because I was late to my friend’s birthday (Sorry, Adam!!) and everyone was waiting. Everything looked fine in the office and everyone was busy with their own tasks. So I wished everyone good night and left.

Had a good time catching up with fellow Cempakans, some of whom I haven’t met in years!

Some pics from last night.





This morning I went to the office relatively early and saw my colleagues there.

“Morning!!!” I chirped like I do every morning. “Wow, you guys are early!”

If looks could kill, I would be stabbed in the chest, the face, the back, the legs, the stomach…..I got death stares from all of them.

“We slept here okkkk…”


No one tells me anything around here!! Apparently, we received documents from another party early in the morning, so that delayed the whole compiling process for the submission of tender.

“Omg so kesian!!”

I felt so bad. They only had a couple hours of sleep on the couches. And I was tucked into a comfortable bed. Of course I took the liberty of rubbing that in their faces. Don’t worry, we all joke around in the office on an hourly basis. It’s a zoo here.

Everything was done when I arrived. Just the final wrapping of the boxes. Tying ribbons and stuff.





While wrapping, we took pictures, we laughed and we joked. They told stories of their night.

“Free dinner, free breakfast. And the CFO is treating lunch tomorrow. Doesn’t sound so bad! You should’ve called me. We could’ve had a sleepover, with popcorn and stuff.”

Again, death stares. Am getting used to this. No sense of humour whatsoever, these sleep-deprived people.

“Wait….does that mean none of you has showered?”

They all got the day off, so they went home after everything was done. So really, the joke was on me. The office was so quiet and I was left to be the receptionist. Not fun. I miss my awesome colleagues.


One of them actually got a huge papercut on her leg. Of all places. What was she doing rolling around on the floor when we have plenty of tables and chairs.

Really, I’m proud to be a part of this team. When I saw their dedication and sense of responsibility, I was so happy. It was real teamwork. When one was binding documents till 5am, another one would keep the person company by telling stories or just being awake. When one was holding the cellophane tape, the other would hold the scissors. It was really a nice sight to see.

I wouldn’t dream of working anywhere else.