rock-a-bye baby

February 13, 2010

I went for a site visit in Negeri Sembilan. In one of those slightly rural areas that we are going to build in.

It was a really eye-opening experience. I saw people living in less than comfortable houses, and it made me feel sad. But at the same time good because big or small developments, we are going to create a better environment for them to live their lives and move around comfortably.


Ohhh I also saw cow dung up close for the first time. I’d rather not post the picture up here in case any of you are eating, but I’ll show a picture of the ones that are dried.


Apparently, this is what it looks like after it had dried up. I believe anything, really. It could be a picture of just pure soil for all I know. I dunno, they told me it’s cow dung, they could be lying. So don’t take my word for it.

We stopped by this famous restaurant in Negeri Sembilan called Nelayan. It’s not a super duper nice restaurant but it’s super duper famous because the food is sooooo good. And indeed, it was. They have sooo much food to choose from, making our eyes red with greed and stomach bloat with contentment.


It was a half day trip and I was pretty tired when I got back to the office. So it was such a nice surprise to see this sight of Little Niece sleeping in my sister’s room. It’s very rare to see my sister’s kids in the office, so I took advantage of it. After all, it’s really hard to see them with the working hours now.


I missed her so much that I just HAD to wake her up. Hehe.

Never wake up a sleeping kid?

Yeah, they weren’t lying when they said that.

She was so grumpy and it was all my fault.