11 steps to be dell-icious

March 24, 2010

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I still remember when Dean’s old laptop was broken, his first choice as the replacement was Dell.

According to him, Dell has really good value for money, their customer service is excellent and best of all, they customise your laptop according to your needs.

At that time, there were only a few colours to choose from. Just like any other laptop company, colors and designs were very limited and all of us end up having the same laptop as the next person in Starbucks.

But fear not. Only Dell has come up with a genius idea to hold a contest for people to design their own laptop design!!

Before you start getting your drawing pad out, sorry, the contest is now closed and congratulations to the lucky winners!!



He won vouchers and a Design Studio laptop with his own design below.




Also won some vouchers.


We might not be as lucky to get a Dell laptop designed by us, but well, who asked us not to join the contest! Hehe. Amirul is probably enjoying his laptop that no one else in the world has. But still, Dell hasn’t forgotten the rest of us commoners, because there are many more new designs to choose from:


Click here for more info.

There’s really something for everyone, isn’t there? Young, old, female, male, adventurous, artsy, simple.

My favourite is Kyoto Pearl by OPI; so soft and elegant.

These designs are exclusive to Dell Studio laptops. Some are available for Studio 14” but I know nuts about laptop specs, but the Dell website is so helpful for Laptop-for-Dummies kind of people.

Apparently when people buy laptops, they want to know all these complicated technical specs. Erm I only look at how it looks and Dean helps me on the technical part. But just for you, I’ll list down the important specs that Dell Studio laptops have:

  • Intel Core Processor up to i7-720QM (erm I’m trying to sound smart here…)
  • Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
  • Up to 4 GB memory
  • Up to 500 GB7200RPM SATA Hard Drive
  • Up to 15.6” 720p WLED Display with TrueLife

I was so surprised to see how easy it was to buy a Dell laptop online


11 steps to be dell-icious


1. Choose a comfortable sofa to sit on, put your feet up and go here.

2. Choose a laptop that suits your lifestyle.

Scroll down and you’ll see the different laptops in every section.


In this instance, I chose Studio laptops because the design I want is exclusive to them.


I chose Studio 15 for a bigger display.


3. Add to cart and choose the design you desire.

The price is always shown on the right bar and will be updated as you add or remove accessories. So you’re always in check of how much you’re spending on the laptop. Good for shopaholics like me!


4. Personalise your Dell.

Here you can select your Processor, Operating System and many more. You can see the icons at the bottom.

For nuts like me who don’t understand a thing, I would just choose the best and most complete specs. You know, just in case!


5. Choose software and accessories.

Like laptop bags, speakers, keyboard, mouse etc. Things that you’re too lazy to go to the shop and buy. Dell will do it for you.


6. Protect your Dell.

Warranty for up to 3 years, back-up service etc.


7. Review. Before you pay for your laptop, of course you should double check what you have chosen! In case you were too excited and ticked ALL the boxes.


8. Add to Cart. When you and your credit card have agreed on a compromise.


9. PAY!!!

Online payment is of course very safe and secure. Dell accepts credit cards, TT, cheques or bank drafts, direct deposit and flexi payment (YES!!!).

10.  Wait for the handsome delivery guy to come to your house and send you your newly customised and personalised Dell.

Delivery takes 7-10 days from the moment Dell receives your order, but if you are impatient like me, you’ll probably opt for the Fast Track order which will get you your new laptop in 3-4 days only!

11. Ignore everyone else around you because you’ll be too busy admiring your gorgeous laptop which you yourself help build.

Of course Dell also sells other things online other than laptops. From desktops to printers to inks to gaming accessories, you won’t leave your room.


To find out more about Dell Online Shop and hot deals, click here.