March 29, 2010

Half a million hits today!

Thank you so much to you reading this 🙂

I’ve gotten some enquiries as to why I haven’t been blogging much. HELLO, I HAVE!! Hahah. Where have you guys been?

Yeah, I know I haven’t been blogging everyday like how I used to when I was studying. I have so much to write about and my drafts and advertorial offers are piling up, but truth is work and travel are consuming my time!


Very busy woman.

But to my loyal readers, I’m still here! And I will blog every chance I get!

Thanks for sticking by me 🙂

p/s: I’ve added a new “Post of the Week” page to feature weekly an article in my archives. Just to bring back some of my many good memories, especially for my new readers who haven’t read those articles. Hope you’ll like it.