Day 2: Recovery

March 17, 2010

There’s nothing fun about it.

  • I still look like a duck. Half my lip is still swollen. I don’t even want to look in the mirror, because when I did just now, I saw Shrek for some reason.shrek
  • I am soooo sick of eating porridge. Lunch, dinner, breakfast – say hello to the white stuff that is porridge. I tried to spice up my tastebuds with some whipped potato from KFC just now, but even that didn’t excite me. I need to crunch on something!! I need to bite, people!! I saw some Koko Krunch just now. They looked sooooo good. Never have I had a craving for Koko Krunch before, but right now, that’s the only thing the heart desires.koko
  • I’m bored. Doing work at home isn’t as fun as actually being in the office environment. Reading is a chore because I get slightly drowsy with the painkillers. I haven’t seen the outside world for more than 24 hours and I need to go out. Anywhere! I’d gladly go out and buy sawi for my mom. I have no idea what sawi looks like, but if you ask me now, I WILL GET IT FOR YOU. Mom went out just now, and I started drooling.
  • My ears hurt. Opah talks. A LOT.
  • I’m living in pajamas right now. I miss clothes. Real clothes. I miss accessorizing. I miss shoes…I miss wearing shoes..
  • Brushing my teeth is such a task. I’m so used to brushing and let my mind wander elsewhere while my hands still brushing every inch. Just now, I had to concentrate and constantly remind myself not to brush the sensitive section. I was scared! I didn’t trust myself! And I have to gargle with some yucky-tasting antiseptic thing every few hours which leaves a horrible aftertaste.
  • I want to sleep. ALL THE TIME.

Yes, this post is basically whining because that’s all I’ve been doing today. Let me whine, will you? You get to eat Koko Krunch.