Day 4: still in pain!

March 19, 2010

I had a lousy day today in terms of my recovery.

I woke up today in so much pain. It felt so tight around the affected area and it hurt to even put a finger on my upper lip. It feels swollen up to my nose!

Luckily today was my follow up appointment with the dentist. He had his tools all lined up on a tray and after one glance at them I said, “NONONONONO. None of that is touching me today. It’s so painful…”

“Ok, let me check very gently…” He started coming towards me.

I jerked away. “No it’s ok, I show you. Don’t touch ok! Very painful!” I lifted up my lip for him to see the teeth and gum.

He laughed. “Wahhh I have a very good assistant today ah? I don’t have to do anything!”

He told me I was recovering well and it’s normal to be in pain. He said just continue my medication and don’t stress the area too much.


I was still on MC today, and because I was having a lot of discomfort I was looking forward to a day off. Suddenly, I got a call from my director about “that important meeting” that I completely forgot about! Aiyohhh..

Back to work, then.

I saw THIS on my table.


I wanted to laugh, but it hurt (literally and metaphorically).

So, I settled with “VERY FUNNY!!” to my colleagues who put the muruku there. I was so tempted to have one (JUST ONE!!) but I reminded myself I wanted a speedy recovery! So I shoved it back into the office pantry.

One very kind colleague came up to me, “Omg V I have to tell you something.”

Always excited, I asked “What? What?!!”

She came up to my ear to whisper.

CRUNCH!!! She ate the muruku next to my ear.

Such lovely human beings we have in the office. Haha.