Day 8: Removing Stitches

March 23, 2010


I looked like an insect, about to shoot into space, don’t I? Hehe.


I was even more scared of this than the real surgery last week!

At least I had anesthetics during the surgery, so I didn’t feel a thing. But this one, I could feel him snip the thread and pull it out. I think I was shivering throughout the procedure. It was more fear than actual pain, and the whole time, I kept telling myself “It’s all in the mind!”

Didn’t help though. I was already in fear so it was too late.

I had to hold the nurse’s hand. (what else is new?)


My legs were rising up from the seat and my feet were flexed as strong as my heels would allow.

If he took longer, they might rise even higher to the very nice and friendly dentist’s head.


And I didn’t even realise I was jabbing my phone with my elbow.


The stitches were removed with minimal bleeding and it was such a weird feeling afterwards. My gum felt light and fragile and I was so scared to move around anything in my mouth.

I had bubur after, and it took me about an hour to eat the whole bowl because I was opening my mouth and chewing ever so slowly and carefully.

I didn’t want to look at it at first. But I just did. And there’s like a hole that the thread went through.


Gahhh I can’t wait until it heals properly!! Of course I only have myself to blame because I’m a genius who voluntarily did this to myself.

I came home after the dentist, feeling all weird and uncomfortable. Saw my Little Nephew, kissed him, and put his hand on my forehead.

“Maksu sick…..” I whined at him.

He gave me this blank face. “No, Maksu is not sick.”

“Yes I am!!”

“No you’re not!!”

“But Maksu feel sick…” I rested my head on his tiny lap.

He rubbed my forehead. “OK, next time Maksu don’t sick again OK?”

Sigh…what a nice thing to come home to.

Anyway, I’m off to Indonesia. Till then!